Dance, like music and other arts, helps us rise above the beast in ourselves

Bharatanatyam is an ancient Indian dance form that has evolved over the years from being part of temple ritual to a high art that is now globally appreciated. It incorporates not only physical pure dance, but also dance theater to tell mythological stories as well as depict human emotions in a stylized way. It is a multifaceted art form, utilizing the grace of Indian poetry and the effortless notes of classical Indian music. Its grace and maturity are based on the dance of the goddesses in ancient Hindu philosophy.

Bharatanatyam makes use of the combination of bhava, raga, tala, and natya. It was not solely made for the purpose of seeking pleasure, but in fact, the fabulous dance form had an embodiment of several cosmic relationships and expressions (bhava) emanating from all the worlds. The dance form is pristine and has immense knowledge wherein most ignorant of the individuals will also learn. Bharata natya also emerged as the means to entertain kings and the courts by freely expressing all the moods and passions. The dance was created in the manner wherein, the mediocre, the noble as well as the mean would take on different types of forms and bring in revolutionary changes.